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Timber Frame and Joinery in South Cumbria and the Lake District

Craft and Handmade
Craft and Handmade

We use hand tools whenever we can because the human touch is the best.

Sometimes the only way you can get that beautiful turn or chamfer is to use hand tools and we have those skills to draw upon when required. We have a large selection of woods to choose from in stock, predominately locally sourced, English Hardwoods.

  • Restoration work
  • Traditional skills used to give the right feel
Craft and hand made Spalted keyring

Spalted wood Keyring. Although caused by fungi, spalted wood is much sought after due to the beautiful lines and swirls that show through the grain.

Craft and handmade 8

Sycamore occasional table with tapered legs.

Craft and Handmade 7

Customer supplied Ash plank which was Hand-finished and machined into a tabletop.

Craft and handmade 6

An experiment to see if hinges could be made from wood, these are a combination of Greenheart and Oak.

Craft and handmade 5

These seasoned planks where lying in  the workshop for years, till one day Peter decided to create something

Craft and handmade 4

This beautiful bench was the result. No plans no drawings, just something that needed to be made from those planks.

Elaborate trainings

Elaborate trainings – Within in millimetrte torerence all made by hand Tulip wood which is dense but soft which makes it better for turning.

Craft and hand made Compound bend

Compound bend with an up easing, made from Oak, this was a tough job to match the handrail then join the two.

Lovingly created

Skillfully created by hand, each peg takes an hour to complete, then they are ‘mortice & tennoned’ to the backboard.


“Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.”

- Richard Sennett, JournalisT

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